Healing Sessions

Your partner in creating a vibrant life, Camelia Miza empowers you to clear blocks, which allow the positive flow of abundance to flow through you, in all areas of your life. As a result, you will experience physical & emotional well-being.


“I help people identify the bundled-up emotions they feel about themselves and others. The moment they make a genuine contact with those unexpressed emotions they start the healing process. When the emotions are felt, the energy flow is set in motion and enables them to release the pressure. This gives them a sense of responsibility and empowerment to recognize and bring light to those parts of themselves. Therefore, to make conscious choices, accordingly to how they feel in the present moment.”.


I give them tools to change the sabotaging patterns into positive, empowering ones and teach the how to use them to ensure a long-lasting change. Therefore, they feel appreciated, seen, heard, validated emotionally, that they exist, connected, nurtured, rested, they no longer need to look for an answer, they have found what they needed; purpose, who they are, clarity of what they are looking for. “I have found the answer of what I was looking for. I can rest now.”

“When people feel complete and authentic, they allow others to feel the same around them. This gives everyone the opportunity and the freedom to create a genuine and authentic connection.” C.M.


Exploring Emotions

When we don’t allow the waves of emotions to flow, to manifest themselves, to liberate themselves, they get stuck and they feel like an energetic blocks. When we can no longer hold them and we release the blocks we’re usually terrified by the powerful discharge. Often, the underline fear is “If I unleash my emotions I will destroy myself or I will destroy others”. So, in order to protect ourselves and others and respect our self image of being a “good person”, we hold all our emotions inside.


As the blocks become more intense and darker, we are afraid of them and of their power. Through our thoughts, hearts, relationships or in the astral plane they manifest as energetic cords. They give birth to consciousnesses that look like entities and we perceive them sometimes as malefic beings. They project our thoughts on others, but they are actually our blocked emotions. That’s why we are afraid. What happens is that not managing these energies destroys us, even if this is the initial purpose: to protect ourselves and others.

When is the best time for a person to release destructive emotions?
How does a healing happen?
How can you identify blocks?
What can you gain from healing sessions?
What happens in a one to one session?
What does holding space mean?
What about business blocks?
What do I understand through healthy boundaries?

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